• Multi-cavity vinyl lineals improve thermal performance, help retard heat transfer and enhance sound absorbency
  • ¾” insulated glass provides energy saving thermal efficiency
  • Fusion-welded frame and sash minimize air and water infiltration and enhance overall durability
  • 3-¼” frame depth provides outstanding structural integrity
  • Pre-punched integral nailing-fin targets proper nail location for quick, easy installation
  • Double weather stripping enhances thermal efficiency
  • Easy-to-operate casement window opens a full 90 degrees for maximum ventilation and comfort
  • Concealed hinge and operating hardware ensure a smooth, sleek appearance
  • Roto-gear operator provides a smooth, easy open and close action
Series 720 Awning Window

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  • Intersecting T-bar construction provides exceptional structural integrity for combination units
  • Multi-point locking hardware provides comforting security and a weather-tight seal between the frame and operating sash
  • Beveled exterior frame adds a stylish accent
  • Low-E Glass with Insulating Argon Gas
  • Meets NAFS-08 Rating
Series 720 Casement Window

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CUSTOM Options

  • Decorative aluminum grids available in Colonial or Perimeter styles. Available in 5⁄8″ Flat or 1″ Sculptured
  • Continuous head and sill to create twin and triple window units
  • Solar Control Low-E
  • Accessory flush fin
  • Custom sizes available

COLOR Options

  • Standard frame colors include White, Almond or Adobe
  • Exterior custom color options include Red, Brown, Green, Black and Silver

Sizes: Casement Windows

  • Minimum Width: 15″
  • Maximum Width: 36″
  •  Minimum Height: 18″
  • Maximum Height: 72″

Sizes: Awning Windows

  • Minimum Width: 18″
  • Maximum Width: 60″
  • Minimum Height: 15″
  • Maximum Height: 36″

Minimum Egress:

  • Casement 30″W x 48″H