Design versatility, structural strength, and impressive thermal ratings are just a few reasons the new Prime Window Systems series 720C high-performance casement window is an excellent choice for new construction or replacement applications.
Prime Window Systems engineered the series 720C with both performance and design flexibility in mind which allows architects to incorporate the use of most window combinations to fill large rough openings. This not only aids in achieving daylighting code requirements, but it also allows architects to offer more impressive views of city skylines as well as other aesthetically pleasing design elements to their projects.

The Series 720C achieves structural test ratings in both the LC and CW classes depending on overall unit size and multi-unit combinations tested. In addition, the window series can be outfitted with glass packages that achieve STC ratings ranging from 30-36.

These impressive ratings make the Prime series 720C high-performance casement suitable for use in many mid-rise construction applications. In addition, the window series allows designers and owner developers to differentiate their projects from the competition by providing living spaces with impressive views that also offer improved thermal and acoustic performance for future tenants.


Available in a variety of configurations for both new construction and replacement projects, including casement, awning, fixed window, multi-lite and stacked combination units.


  • 3-1/4” (83 MM) frame depth is ideal for new construction and replacement projects
  • 3-1/4” (83 MM) frame depth is ideal for new construction and replacement projects
  • Continuous head and sill frame system eliminates the need for mechanical mulls when mulling and stacking window combinations
  • Accommodates up to 1” insulating glass unit to maximize thermal and acoustic performance.
  • Heavy rebar reinforced wide T-Bar allows for mulling and stacking in a continuous head and sill frame
  • Frame internal webs are placed strategically for maximum structural support of glazing unit
  • Precision Mitered Fusion Welded Corners provide superior structural strength and weather resistance
  • Integral, Pre-Punched Mounting Flange targets proper fastener location for quick, easy install (block frame available for replacement applications)
  • Multi-Chamber Frame and Sash assemblies improve thermal performance and help enhance sound absorbency
  • Multi-Chamber Frame and Sash assemblies improve thermal performance and help enhance sound absorbency
  • Triple compression weather strip reduces air infiltration and improves acoustic performance
  • Beveled frame design for approved aesthetics and exterior appearance
  • Premium Cardinal Dual-Sealed Insulated Glass Units with stainless steel warm-edge spacer system provides superior energy efficiency (thermal performance as low as a .23 u- value and a .18 SHGC)
  • Accepts glass packages that can achieve Sound Transmission Class ratings (STC) ranging from 30-35 
  • Multi point locking hardware secures frame and sash for a weather-tight fit and superior security
  • State-of-the-art operating hardware with nested crank handle adds aesthetic appeal and provides smooth easy sash operation• Fall prevention locks (WOCD) and limiter hardware optional


The Prime Window Systems Series 720C features a proprietary MikronBlend® vinyl compound. Formulated to withstand the toughest conditions and standards, it is tested tough and real-world proven for over 30 years. You will find windows with MikronBlend® frames in the harshest field test environments: the hot, dry Arizona desert, Florida heat and humidity, and Midwest weather and temperature extremes.

Additionally, ASTM test procedures verify MikronBlend® Delta-E performance. Windows and doors featuring MikronBlend® vinyl surpass strict industry measures for colorfastness and UV degradation and won’t chalk or appreciably fade, even after years of weather performance.

The Prime Series 720C incorporates superior, patent-pending, SuperCapSR™ thermally-fused color technology, which absorbs less heat to prevent heat-related profile distortion even in darker colors. SuperCapSR™ is available in CAP Bronze / White, and CAP Black / White. Also available in white, adobe, or almond MikronBlend® vinyl compound.

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